Daily Accounting & Auto Transfers

Our accounting platform collects and accounts for all the transactions of a food hall each day. It settles daily accounting, reserves the revenue owed to the developer, and electronically ACHs the vendor's earnings on the 2nd business day. Reports are generated automatically and accessible through a private intranet by the vendor. Neither party has to worry about collections or reporting, because it happens naturally, each day.

Food Safety Audits

Our system presents management with key food safety checks each week to conduct internal audits which are then automatically sent to each vendor within the food hall detailing any needs for improvement. These can be edited specifically for your municipality so that you're comfortable that your food hall will be in good standing when it comes time for the routine visit from your health inspector. 

Contract Compliance

A food hall is a collaboration of 100 or more people and many independently owned businesses. As such, there are rules and regulations which must be checked each day to adhere to good business practice. Our system presents the manager with a checklist each day and allows them to record contract violations under a customizable points system. Optionally, fines can be levied and automatically deducted from the vendor's account with the developer for repeated non-compliance. 

Analytics & Goal Setting

The critical elements of a food hall are based on the underlying performance of each vendor. Our system uses a set of simple algorithms to provide rankings on performance and traction over time. Additionally, we provide a goal setting feature that allows you and the vendor to set a period goal and track progress to that goal and real time ahead/behind schedule metrics. 

Integration with POS / Quickbooks

Our system integrates with the POS system through an API to pull in all required transactional data each day. Then, after the daily numbers are processed, the system talks directly to quickbooks and updates it with a daily revenue journal entry. These same journal entries are available for download by the vendor through its intranet access to make their own quickbooks accounting seamless. 


Managing Management

The development of the business is only as good as management's ability to communicate its goals and meet them. We provide active to-do list features that give you insight into managements daily action items and the pace at which they are being completed.