Capture the Growth of the Food Hall Movement


We bring the tools and expertise of the food hall industry to your doorstep.


Food halls are not restaurants, food courts, nor traditional markets. They represent a new and profitable segment of the consumer retail market. They are incredibly popular with millenials and baby boomers. They represent real foot traffic numbers that elevate the stature of any development project. They also require an experienced management team with the knowledge and tools designed specifically for the segment. We are here to give you the insight and power of that movement. 


Accolades for our flagship, St. Roch Market:

An absolute must visit
— Zagat
One of the world’s best Food Halls
— Travel + Leisure
St. Roch generates the nostalgia of a bygone time and place suddenly not so far away
— Southern Living
An obvious choice
— New York Times Magazine

Let's get to work.


Tools & Analytics

Our proprietary software system electronically settles all daily accounting and integrates fully with banking systems and quickbooks online. It provides performance analytics, food safety tracking, and quality assurance from a secure web-based portal that is mobile friendly. Most importantly, it's built specifically for the needs of this industry. 


Management & Consulting

Our team of experienced professionals understands this industry first hand. Having started one of the first food halls in the country, we know the operational challenges and we already have a book of solutions. If you are looking to develop a customized concept for your property and you need day-to-day operations plus development support, we can help.


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